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Dean Kamen Water Purifier Video

Dean Kamen Water Purifier Video. Dean kamen landed in the limelight with the segway, but he has been innovating since high school, with more than 150 patents under his belt. An eccentric genius with a provocative world view, kamen is an inspiration for future scientists.

Paul Lazarus on Slingshot and Dean Kamen YouTube
Paul Lazarus on Slingshot and Dean Kamen YouTube from www.youtube.com

Water laced with arsenic, poison, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria; Dean lawrence kamen (born april 5, 1951) is an american engineer, inventor, and businessman. His father is jack kamen, an.

Slingshot Is A Water Purification Device Created By Inventor Dean Kamen.

Slingshot focuses on noted segway inventor dean kamen and his work to solve the world's water crisis. Kamen also led teams in the development of devices such as the segway® human transporter, an insulin pump for diabetics, portable energy and water purification devices for the developing world. His father is jack kamen, an.

The Name Of The Machine Is A Reference To The Slingshot Used By David.

Dubbed the slingshot, dean kamen's latest creation promises to do nothing short of producing clean water from virtually any liquid source (without filters) and generate enough electricity to power. The $1500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day, while the $3,700 generator. Segway inventor dean kamen wants to tackle the world's fresh water shortage ;

Powered By A Stirling Engine Running On A Combustible Fuel Source, It Claims To Be Able To Produce Drinking Water From Almost Any Source By Means Of Vapor Compression Distillation, Requires No Filters, And Can Operate Using Cow Dung As Fuel.

This article is more than 5 years old. Slingshot is about an indomitable man who just might have. The two components are a water purifier called slingshot that uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a stirling engine based power generator that works on cow dung.

January 11, 2015 / 10:21 Am / Cbs News.

This opens in a new window. It was mentioned elsewhere here that the system is run by a stirling engine. It is a 100 pound device which requires little maintenance and uses no chemicals or filters.

In Theory They Are A Good Idea, But There Are Several Practical Problems That Mean.

Welcome to dean kamen's cool world. The slingshot water filter even removes doritos: Kamen (born april 5, 1951) is an american.

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