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Factorio Red Circuit Beacon. Red circuit assembly with beacons+max speed module 3's. General/beaconized mods/vanilla production/advanced circuit (red) takes in ~0.8 blue belts of plastic (split), ~0.8 blue belts of green circuits (split) and ~0.7 blue belts of copper (split).

The production speed more than doubled for about the same size factory. Cc outputs an extra 156 cc. But i'm somehow to stupid for the math.

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I Can Fit About 2.5 Of These In The Same Space It Took My To Do The Same Job Previously.

The red circuit module uses an express (blue) belt of copper split down to two red belts, each one feeding a pair of wire assemblers. Posted by 5 years ago. You can use code tags for bp strings.

Takes One Full Belt Each Of Green Circuits And Plastic Plus 0.7X Belt Of Copper, And Produces 0.7X Belt Of Red Circuits.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (2) 1 belt 8 beacon green circuits: I wanted to show the smallest one i have made so far that will compress four blue belts.

(1) 1 Belt 8 Beacon Green Circuits:

I was experimenting with builds of green cells production. Edit:cc outputs an extra 1.8k, i forgot that now that it's smaller it's affected by all 8 beacons, anyway the inserters are limited on how. (i just realized that you don't need 2 fast inserters on each side, but it.

The Green Circuit Module Is Fed By An Express Belt Of Copper On Each Side (Downgraded To Fast Belt At The Balancer, As Some Of The Plates Will Have Been Used), And.

Beaconed red circuits (5 blue belts) favorite. Find blueprints for the video game factorio. Belts connected to the circuit network will appear with a yellow cage above them, with a moving red scanner within it.

As Long As You Can Supply The Copper (720/M), Plastic (490/M), And Electronic Circuits (490/M) This Design Will Probably Have 100% Uptime.

The math has been done and using 8 beacons per assembler and 8 assemblers per beacon is more efficient in terms of power, space and module cost. Red or green wires can be connected to segments of transport belts to use them as part of a circuit. And to make it work 100% (full blue belts) i want to seperate them from the main bus and deliver the exact amount of raw needed.

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