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How To Purify Tarot Cards

How To Purify Tarot Cards. 4 cleansing your cards with a sun bath. If you search on the internet, you will find several sites that will advise you to wrap your deck in an airtight plastic bag, cover it entirely with salt (i prefer coarse salt), and wrap it all in another airtight.

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Keep your tarot cards wrapped in a special cloth or stored in a special tarot box. Put a pinch of the salt in the water. And, if done well, it can also help you recharge your cards.

There Are Three Methods Of Cleansing Cards With Salt:

You can even use a. One of the most commonly used methods of purifying cards, runes, and other magical items is to bury them in salt. How to get rid of tarot cards.we summarize all relevant answers in section q&a of website achievetampabay.org in category:

Start With Sliced White Bread.

Generally speaking, you should cleanse your cards anytime: The spongy texture grabs up grime, but the bread isn’t moist enough to warp the cards. Do not leave it for more than that.

You Simply Knock On The Deck Firmly Three Times With A Clear Intention In Your Mind To Clear Away Some Negative Energy.

These include palo santo, sweetgrass, or white sage. Once you have cleansed them with salt, you can proceed with cleansing with crystals. Just fill half a glass of water, put salt on it and let the deck rest on the glass for about two hours.

You Will Become More In Tune With Your Tarot Deck The Longer You Have Your Cards And The More You Use Them.

The cards can bend because of the humidity. (there is a big list, you choose the one that you like the most to smell.) * spend your tarot deck under the incense as much as you think is necessary. Place a handful of coarse salt in a small bag and leave the bag over the tarot deck overnight.

A Clean Tarot Card Will Give You More Accurate Results And Will Also Help You To Connect Better With The Cards.

Put your cards in a sealed bag, and put the bag in a container with salt. There are several ways you can cleanse your tarot cards. #5 your person in addition to your tarot deck have been around a lot of negative energy.

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