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Rensair Air Purifiers Cost

Rensair Air Purifiers Cost. The unit comes with an indicator to highlight when both the hepa filter and uvc lamp needs to. Using hepa13 filters and uvc light it destroys more than 99.97% of airborne viruses (incl.

Hospitalgrade air purifier by Rensair Airline Suppliers
Hospitalgrade air purifier by Rensair Airline Suppliers from www.airline-suppliers.com

If you are running the rensair air purifier at lowest capacity, we advise that you use one rensair for every 120m²/1,250ft² of space. 360° air intake to fit in any space. We are actively seeking distributors.

The Position Of The Uvc Light Directed On.

2 a powerful fan (up to 560 m³/hour, 20,000 ft³/hour, 155 litre/second) pushes the air into a cylinder. Internal particle counter automatically adjusts airflow based on surrounding air quality. Hepa13 filters and uvc light.

Rensair Is An Effective Quick To Implement, Tangible Response Scientifically Proven To Kill Airborne Bacteria, Viruses And Other Pollutants By More Than 99.97%.

The device has been independently tested to be 99.97% effective at removing airborne pathogens with its unique patented solution. Independently tested in destroying 99.97% of airborne viruses. We will replace your rensair unit at no cost.

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Use a combination of multiple rensair air purifiers in larger spaces to maintain the same efficacy. Rensair commercial hepa air purifier is the best choice for both commercial and industrial applications. Air purifier prices start from around £100 and go up to more than £600.

This Means That One Rensair Air Purifier Can Clean A Room Of 230 M² With Normal Ceiling Height Per Hour.

Rensair is unique in that it kills trapped pathogens on the hepa filter as the uvc lamp will kill the airborne viruses that are trapped on the filter. If you want the best brand of hepa air filters in australia and the world, choose rensair. It is smaller than other air purifiers but still delivers the best air quality for your home.

The Unit Comes With An Indicator To Highlight When Both The Hepa Filter And Uvc Lamp Needs To.

These particulates include moulds, dust mites and pet dander. A rensair is 80cm/31.5inches tall and 42cm/16.5inches in diameter. Rensair hospital grade hepa air purifier.

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