TrueCaller Database Available for Download


I just re-check the related download page on the internet. Still in search for the database link for downloading full of trucaller database.

Is anyone got the dump in your hardisk. Please reupload.



This is what I got from github:

Truecaller database hacked and leaked by Syrian Electronic Army

Truecaller, a popular global phone directory website database was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

Bangalore: Hackers claiming to represent the Syrian Electronic Army have reportedly hacked database of Truecaller, world’s largest collaborative telephone directory. According to the initial reports, the hackers were able to take data from seven databases which include the main one that keeps 450 GB of information.

On 16 July 2013, DEADEYE JACKAL posted that they had compromised the database host of DEADEYE
JACKAL posted images from the database and made a statement to Truecaller via Twitter saying, “Sorry @truecaller, we
needed your database, thank you for it.” Truecaller publicly confirmed the compromise and explained that phishing was a
part of the attack.