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Tru Sens Air Purifier. Room coverage $295.00 $ 295. ( 1) tambah ke wishlist.

Trusens Air Purifier Large Room With Sensorpod Z3000
Trusens Air Purifier Large Room With Sensorpod Z3000 from www.bennetts.com.au

( 1) tambah ke wishlist. 750 sq ft versus 375 sq ft. Comes with a box of brand new replacement filter.

Allergies, Pet Dander, Stink, Smoke, Germs, Dust, And Mold Are All.

The trusens air purifier has an amazing 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. To see content specific to your location, return to the. ( 1) tambah ke wishlist.

The Extent Of Their Coverage Is Fantastic.

Give yourself peace of mind at home. Trusens sells air purifiers on the global market. Trusens innovative air purifiers help you breathe easier by reducing airborne allergy and asthma triggers in your home including dust, pet dander, pollen and odours.

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Room coverage $133.00 $ 133. Trusens z2000ap air purifier comes with dupont hepa filtration which catches contaminants from all directions, including airborne viruses, allergies, and some volatile organic compounds (vocs). Experience the difference with remote sensing technology, two airflow streams and dupont filtration.

The Sensorpod Is A Separate Detector That Goes On The Other Side Of The Room And Reads The Quality Of The Air In.

Skip to content skip to footer. Trusens air purifier z 3000 / z3000 uv sterilisation. Let’s take a look at what customers think about the trusens air purifier….

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